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Episode 10: JonBenet Ramsey Part 1

Posted on May 25th, 2019

Surprise! We are back! Well, kind of! Just in case you aren’t on our Facebook, Jessica got a new job and unfortunately won’t be able to continue with the podcast due to a conflict of interest (just a formality). I (Amy) am so excited for her and maybe she can come on and talk to us sometime as long as it isn’t a case. But, I have a new cohost, Meg! So please congratulate Jessica on her new awesome job and welcome Meg to the fam!

Today’s story is one we have all heard. We are talking about JonBenet Ramsey (Meg’s absolute favorite case!) This is going to probably end up being at least three parts, but possibly four! Part one is the background of the family and moves into the morning that they found her missing! Please let us know what you think at all of our social medias! Have a great week and we will have part two up in two weeks!!!

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